Mooi (that’s moy, like joy) means beautiful in many European languages, including Danish. Scandinavian design being a lifelong influence, and beauty a constant objective, it seemed like a good choice for a brand name.

I make every piece by hand, using a mix of modern and traditional tools. Even though my design roots are deep in the Modernist style, my joinery draws on time-honored woodworking techniques to create unique, meticulously crafted pieces that are built to last.

If you have a design in your head, I can bring it to life, or if you need help with a problem you can’t quite solve, then I’m definitely worth talking to.

about me

This is my third career. Previously I was a musician and producer, and then a technology entrepreneur, focusing on making functional and beautiful things. If you’ve ever used a smartphone or downloaded a song, you know my work, which is deeply embedded in the architecture of both of those systems.

Ten years ago I started to integrate what I’d learned from those careers into what I most loved to do: think, design, and create in a single flow, and now that flow is a part of everything that comes out of my shop.

Drawing on thirty years experience in usability and interface design, my pieces aren’t just a joy to look at, they are highly functional, and perfectly integrated into their environment.