I made this long, sleek console for clients who came to me with great sketches, and a clear idea of what it needed to accomplish. I built a 3D model, and we went through a few iterations before getting to the perfect blend of functionality, style, and engineering. Vivi, btw, is their adorable, Michael Jackson impersonating, two year old daughter, and if you met her, you’d know there was no competition for what to call the design.

'vivi' handmade walnut media console by
The perforated doors allow sound out and remote commands in. The top and the three doors are made from solid walnut, and the rest from veneered lumber. Keeping track of all the door pieces so that I could remove the negative space and still have the grain match up on final assembly was a lot of fun for my left brain, as was the concealed cleat system that hangs it off the wall with just enough room behind for cables and power outlets.

'vivi' handmade walnut media console by
The interior bays are connected with cable ports, so everything can plug in to everything else, or be tucked away out of sight in the rear cable space.

I love the clean look of the wall-mount, but I can see it with a few different mid-century style legs, too, and all kinds of drawer and door configurations come to mind. I’m really happy with how it turned out. A nicely scaled-down console for the latest generation of micro media players.

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