Love this live-edge dining table made from Parota, a richly figured tropical wood, sometimes called Mexican Walnut.

My clients found the raw pieces near their home in Puerto Vallarta, and had local craftsmen make them into a table. Initially, they just wanted me to strip and refinish the top. Once it arrived in my shop though, some other issues quickly became apparent, and I ended up using the original components to make something quite different.

I cut the legs square, then carved out the centers to lighten them up and allow some energy to move through the piece.

As you can see from the first picture, the underside of the top is a couple inches thicker on one side than the other. It also slopes from end to end, so I had to make these radically shaped Ipe blocks to get everything to balance perfectly.

The legs are attached with a custom, concealed system that makes for a really solid table with no hint of hardware.

The finish comes from days of sanding and countless layers of rosewood oil that make it feel as good as it looks.

I did a lot of shaping on the the edges and underside, too. The original cross cuts were ruthless, and they fought badly with the live edges, so I sawed, planed, filed, and sanded until the transition between them feels perfectly organic.

See the shaping in progress in my on the bench blog.

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