alder buffet

Hand made furniture from
This was an interesting project. My clients had just finished an extensive remodel of a beautiful Spanish 1920s house, during which they had added a new kitchen. In the living room, an existing built-in buffet was badly damaged, so they had the millwork company build a replacement in the same style as the kitchen cabinets. It was a really nicely built piece – for a kitchen, but in the main house it was completely out of place. To make matters worse, the original oak top, which the contractor had salvaged to be used on the new cabinet, had subsequently warped beyond repair.

Handmade modern furniture from
I removed the toe kick – replacing it with faux legs, built a new counter, and added oversized shelves to the alcove.

Handmade modern furniture from
I had to do some radical staining to match everything to the existing 90-year old woodwork. It’s definitely not my typical style, but I can’t resist a problem that needs solving.

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